At Incredivend, we offer a delicious, profitable snacking solution that everyone loves.


That's why we're proud to be partnering with MARS to introduce our Skittles® Remix Digital Kiosk vending machines – the perfect fusion of convenience and fun, designed to bring a splash of color and sweetness to any space.

Why Choose an Incredivend Skittles® Digital Remix Kiosk?


Our Skittles® Remix Digital Kiosks offer a cutting-edge solution for 24/7 unattended retail, perfect for modern consumer needs.

  • iconThe only place that offers customizable flavor choices
  • icon8 Product selections for custom orders
  • iconMultiple vend sizes with customizable pricing options
  • icon32” touch screen interacts with consumers
  • iconCash, cashless and swipe system payment options
  • iconTransparent revenue-tracking system
  • iconThe world's #1 non-chocolate candy

Perfect for Any Location

Whether it's a shopping mall, university campus, office building, or entertainment venue, our Skittles® Remix Digital Kiosks are the perfect addition. They're not just vending machines; they're a mini-destination for anyone looking for a quick, sweet treat.

Turn your unused floor space into cashflow!


Amusement Parks


Sports Academies

Family Entertainment Centers





"We Have Candy Cred!"

Our kiosks are easy to use and maintain. User-friendly interfaces and low-maintenance designs ensure a reliable experience for both operators and customers. We also have a dedicated customer service team that is always here to ensure your experience is as sweet as Skittles®.

To satisfy the consumer's desire to customize their Skittles® selections, Mars Wrigley Confectionery has partnered with Incredivend to create the Skittles® Remix Digital Kiosk! It's finally possible for Skittles® fans to mix and match their favorite flavors.

Incorporating over 50 years of experience in the candy kiosk industry, Incredivend has created an innovative and interactive experience for consumers of all ages utilizing the latest in digital technology.


Turn Your Unused Floor
Space Into Cashflow!


Make your space even sweeter!

Don't miss out on this sweet opportunity to delight your customers and boost your business. Contact Incredivend today to get started!